DIY Medium Kit Concentrate Flavours – 10 x 10ml


Choose your kit’s Concentrate Flavours – 10 x 10ml

Amaretto 10ml

Aniseed 10ml

Apple 10ml

Apple & Banana 10ml

Apple & Blackcurrant 10ml

Apple & Raspberry 10ml

Apple & Strawberry 10ml

Banana 10ml

Banana & Custard 10ml

Banoffee Pie 10ml

Black Cherry 10ml

Blackcurrant 10ml

Blackjack 10ml

Blow Outs 10ml

Blueberry 10ml

Bubble Gum 10ml

Butterscotch 10ml

Candy Floss 10ml

Caramel 10ml

Cherry Bakewell 10ml

Cherry Menthol 10ml

Chocolate & Banana 10ml

Chocolate Fudge Cake 10ml

Cinnamon 10ml

Coconut 10ml

Coffee 10ml

Cola 10ml

Cookie Dough 10ml

Custard 10ml

Custard Cream 10ml

Dr Pepper 10ml

Grape 10ml

Hizenz 10ml

Iron Brew 10ml

Jack Daniels 10ml

Kiwi 10ml

Lemon 10ml

Lemon & Lime 10ml

Lime 10ml

Mango 10ml

Menthol 10ml

Mint 10ml

Mint Choc Chip 10ml

Orange 10ml

Parma Violets 10ml

Passion Fruit 10ml

Peach 10ml

Pear Drops 10ml

Pineapple 10ml

Pinkladyz 10ml

Plum 10ml

Popcorn 10ml

Raspberry 10ml

RedBull 10ml

Rhubarb 10ml

Rhubarb & Custard 10ml

Rice Pudding 10ml

Root Beer 10ml

Sex On The Beach 10ml

Skittles 10ml

Spearmint 10ml

Starburst 10ml

Strawberries & Cream 10ml

Strawberry 10ml

Toffee 10ml

Turkish Delight 10ml

Tutti Frutti 10ml

Unicorn Blood 10ml

Vanilla 10ml

Vimto 10ml

Virginia Tobacco 10ml

Watermelon 10ml

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Upgrade your Medium kit’s Concentrate Flavours to – 10 x 10ml

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Aniseed 10ml